Meet Jared


How do you add value for our clients?

A client-first approach puts his clients and Jared on the same side of the table. Jared finds it imperative to get to know his clients and understand their goals and values. What’s most important to them?

Starting these conversations often help identify clients’ needs, which allows him to put on his financial planning hat and dig into solutions for them. Creating a financial road map can help identify the potholes and roadblocks along the way that help clients prepare for the unknown and unexpected.

My working background

Jared earned a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration from the University of Idaho and Lewis-Clark State College, while pursuing a career as a PGA-certified Golf Professional. It was on the golf course that he realized his calling. People came to him for lessons, tips and general advice, and the conversation would always turn to money and finances.

In 2009, his passion for financial planning became a reality, and every day Jared looks forward to helping people navigate their personal financial challenges.

A little more about me

Jared’s wife, Jennifer, is his best friend. They enjoy weekend vacations, gardening, table tennis and spending time with their families. Jared is a hobbyist – he might be riding motorcycles in the mountains, building combat robots, making stuff on his 3D printer or CNC router, landscaping, welding or helping a friend fix something.

As a family, they are committed to the underserved youth and families in our community. Jared has been on the board of Spokane Valley’s largest food bank, a member of the Spokane Exchange Club and on the foundation board, and they support the Vanessa Beehan Crisis Nursery regularly.

The best piece of financial advice he ever received was: Start saving in a qualified retirement account as young as possible and never stop, even if you are only able to save a little.